Vegan Special – $11.90

Vegan tahini yoghurt, smoked relish eggplant & zucchini, mint  slaw

Philly Steak – $13.90

Beef steak, caramalised onion, spiced peppers, cheese, smoked ketchup

Pulled Pork – $13.90

Slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, spicy house made mayonnaise & mint slaw

Tuna Classic – $9.90

Tuna, baby capers, lemon dill, crispy shallots & rocket

Broccoli Special – $11.90

Broccoli, minted pea & dukkah smash with chilli mayonnaise, provolone cheese & shaved parmesan

Ham Classic – $10.90

Smoked leg ham, house relish, cheddar cheese, fresh tomato

Chicken Avo – $10.90

Poached chicken, avocado, pesto house made mayonnaise & soft leaf

Schnitzel Classic – $12.90

House crumbed chicken schnitzel, tomato, house made mayonnaise & soft leaf

Brisket Special – $13.90

House made brisket with Swiss cheese, house made relish, mint slaw & pickled carrot

Chicken Pirri Pirri – $11.90

BBQ Spiced chicken pirri pirri & fresh mint slaw

Beef Truffle – $12.90

Beef, truffle oil, tomato, Reggiano parmesan, house made mayonnaise  & soft leaf

Egg Classic – $9.90

Free range egg, house made mayonnaise & rocket


  All the above are available daily from our cafe